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What We Do

VSLA Meeting
The women are trained in different education modules tutored using smart phones, ipads, and other hand held devices during their weekly VSLA meetings.
At Zoora, we support women with different products depending on the community needs.

ZOORA is a community empowerment platform on which women and unemployed youth in village savings and loan associations access digital education in enterprise skills development, smart agriculture, gender, effects of climate change and proper record keeping for a positive attitude towards work and the use of technology.

Zoora designs and delivers digital educational content in financial literacy, enterprise skills development, gender, better agricultural practices and climate change effects leading to concrete behavioural change.

Women of Zoora ready for planting beans, a project supported by Gilles Foundation.
One of the beneficiaries of Zoora project supported by an animal.

Zoora leverages new technologies to build a new business model geared towards sustainable agricultural value chain for rural communities, the small holder farmers in VSLAs and savings mobilization. Digital innovations such as the development of relevant and responsible mobile-based products delivered via a smartphone, hand held devices, as well as data analytics form the backbone of Zoora model.

The innovation also encompasses more appropriate savings products accessible on mobile and digitally-enabled financial literacy module(s) deployed over the devices as well as provision of improved agricultural inputs.

Trainings in finance, smart agriculture, gender, effects of climate change, proper records keeping and enterprise skills development.