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What makes ZOORA great?

Agriculture in Uganda is dominated by smallholder farmers. These live-in rural areas of Uganda, face challenges of low productivity, little access to economic opportunities thus are vulnerable to any shocks like wars, natural calamities of flood, drought, locusts invention and pandemics like Covid -19.  Agriculture sector in Uganda is one of the least financed yet it provides over 26% of the country’s GDP (National Planning Authority 2013) ‘’Transforming Small holder farming to Modern farming in Uganda’’. This has frustrated full utilization of productive potential of agricultural innovations in the country. For Zoora Centre for Empowerment to be a revolutionary initiative in the community empowerment space, we offer tailored training modules and agricultural inputs provision, the programs that address challenges faced by vulnerable women in rural communities.

At ZOORA Center for Empowerment, we boast of a great team; a well experienced team of staff that has been in the community development space long enough to appreciate the challenges and needs for the vulnerable people most especially the women. They have taken Centre space in development and implementation of different solutions. Our team leader having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics and later with a Masters degree in Arts in Gender Analysis in Economics has led community empowerment programs in different parts of the country including in Northern, Eastern, Western and Central Uganda from as far as 2013 to date. Her experience and leadership skills gathered over the years from different roles play a vital role in grooming and mentoring an exceptionally multi skilled team of staff. The rest of the team members have worked with National Agricultural Research Organization which is the apex body for guidance and coordination of all agricultural research activities in the national agricultural research system in Uganda and others with vast experience in VSLA modeling.

Zoora is a community empowerment platform for digital education on which women and unemployed youth in Village Savings and Loan Association groups access digital education and offers a holistic model by training members in finance, enterprise skills development, gender, better agricultural methods, proper record keeping and effects of climate change for a positive change towards working smart and increased self-esteem. We create awareness for grassroot communities for better economic opportunities and offer/or enable access to cheap, affordable improved agricultural inputs for improved productivity and improved livelihoods.  

We solve the problem of lack of awareness that prevent grassroot communities from enjoying economic opportunities offered by government, private and non-governmental organizations and low productivity due to lack of access to quality and improved agricultural inputs.

Zoora designs and delivers educational content modules for the illiterate in different local languages leading to concrete behavioral change towards sustainable agricultural value chain and savings mobilization leaving no one behind in technology.

Asasira Joseph
By Asasira Joseph
Director Operations